Working together on group projects has never been easier.

Our goal is to help you learn the best practices in collaboration and prepare you for the job market.

Project Management

​​Create, assign, and track tasks for each teammate.

File Sharing

Never lose files or links again in email or chat threads.

Centralized Communication

A professional, organized space for team messaging.

Workload Visualization

Get a clear picture of where your team is at.


Engage with your instructors

Not sure if you are on the right track? Instructors can provide your team with timely feedback on Ensightful.

With the chat function, you can forgo lengthy email threads and efficiently communicate with your instructor and teammates.


Receive a more transparent evaluation process

No more free-riding: instructors can determine what each student has contributed to the project.


Prepare for the future of remote work and learning

Experience remote collaboration like in the real world. Use Ensightful to devise a plan and work on your tasks asynchronously.


Develop practical skills for your resume

Project management and collaboration are skills highly sought by employers. Demonstrate your ability to utilize project management software and work well with others.

Watch it in action!

Helping instructors reduce time and effort by providing insights into student team dynamics.

Ready to get started?

With Ensightful, you can easily manage your student team projects.

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